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20 days to rental termination

Success? Should I dare hope that I’ve finally found the one? I could tell as I stepped along the tree-lined streets – that rising sense of optimism and anticipation – that I would like this showing. A needed sensation after the over-priced, above-ground, box-in-a-house I’d just seen with its cracked laminate, cracked siding, water stains….that … Continue reading

21 days to rental termination

Another day, another disappointment. It’s funny how a house can look so stately from the outside. A grand ol’ house with its patio stairs, tasteful columns and perfectly sized porch…and a tiny, little cramped basement tucked away in a corner – like a hasty afterthought. “Beautiful,” it was not. That was totally false advertising. “Tolerable” … Continue reading

22 days to rental termination

I had such high hopes for this apartment. My first basement. Well, first for this rental search – I’ve lived in basements before. Given how expensive the rent was – comparable to some low and high rise Bachelors around the city – although much bigger, being a one bedroom – I was hopeful. The pictures … Continue reading