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20 days to rental termination

Success? Should I dare hope that I’ve finally found the one? I could tell as I stepped along the tree-lined streets – that rising sense of optimism and anticipation – that I would like this showing. A needed sensation after the over-priced, above-ground, box-in-a-house I’d just seen with its cracked laminate, cracked siding, water stains….that … Continue reading

21 days to rental termination

Another day, another disappointment. It’s funny how a house can look so stately from the outside. A grand ol’ house with its patio stairs, tasteful columns and perfectly sized porch…and a tiny, little cramped basement tucked away in a corner – like a hasty afterthought. “Beautiful,” it was not. That was totally false advertising. “Tolerable” … Continue reading

22 days to rental termination

I had such high hopes for this apartment. My first basement. Well, first for this rental search – I’ve lived in basements before. Given how expensive the rent was – comparable to some low and high rise Bachelors around the city – although much bigger, being a one bedroom – I was hopeful. The pictures … Continue reading

Queen of Katwe has ruined me for future movies

I saw Queen of Katwe a few weeks ago, and even now, the movie has stayed with me. That’s how much of a lasting impression it’s left. Wow. A movie with substance. With sorrow and laughter. With sacrifice and triumph. With real world problems, and real world solutions. I’ve not been able to find another … Continue reading

#FirstLineFriday Tag

On a day like any other, under bright skies and wispy clouds, a group like no other walked solemnly up a gangway into the bowels of a ship. The first line of the Prologue of Defectors – a novel currently in progress on wattpad. And the first line of the first Chapter: Quron was a … Continue reading

Gym Meet App – get matched with a Workout Buddy

Exercising is easy to put off. But, what if there was an app for that? One that actually encourages you to go to the gym! Most people are already familiar with meetup.com, a widely popular event scheduling site. What if an app comes pre-programmed with one event in mind – the Gym. The user simply … Continue reading

Eloko – a goblin haunts the forest – an African fantasy story – Conclusion

“Rishi—” “Keicha—” They both started at the same time. And then she stopped short as her eyes widened, focusing on something behind him. Rishi swivelled, expecting to spy the creature, all the while thinking, impossible! It wouldn’t, couldn’t, cross the border! They were safe! Then, he saw the dim glow coming from between the crop … Continue reading

Eloko – a goblin haunts the forest – an African fantasy story – Part 2

When Rishi felt her fall, horror swept through him. It soon gave way to relief when he caught her to him and saw that her eyelids were closed. She’d only fainted, which was infinitely better than the sightless gaze of the Eloko’s everlasting sleep. He couldn’t let her rest, not quite yet. They were still … Continue reading

Eloko – a goblin haunts the forest – an African fantasy story

From Wiki – Eloko is a term in a Mongo-Nkundo language referring to a creature that lives in the forests. Legend has it that they haunt the forest because they have some grudge to settle with the living. They live in the densest and darkest part of the rain forest, in hollow trees, in central … Continue reading

The Product – Workplace Humor

“Eureka!” I yelled, staring in fascination at the frothing, seething white foam in the large beaker. “This is it. This is the product that will make me millions!” All of my research had finally paid off; all of my research into how best to use my skills as an unemployed chemist. I had invented a … Continue reading