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20 days to rental termination


Should I dare hope that I’ve finally found the one?

I could tell as I stepped along the tree-lined streets – that rising sense of optimism and anticipation – that I would like this showing. A needed sensation after the over-priced, above-ground, box-in-a-house I’d just seen with its cracked laminate, cracked siding, water stains….that general air of unkemptness that permeates some rental buildings. And you’re charging how much for it? I’ll pass, thanks. I’m not your cash cow.

Note to readers: if the landlord/lady didn’t fix it when the prior tenants were in it; if they’re only fixing it now to get you in the door, why would they then fix things after you’ve moved in? Precedence, people. Precedence!

Which begs the question – why am I willing to put in a rental application for this second apartment with all that black mold in the bathroom? Desperation? Well, yes. Also, the landlord apparently didn’t seem to know that the problem existed (so he claimed) – seemed that the previous renters were the lackadaisical kind. Assuming I get the place, time will tell if this was the case, or if the landlord is a skillful liar. Let’s hope not because this is the first place I actually liked through and through (neighbourhood, building, apartment (with its high ceilings, minimal odor, open-ish concept), commute…I was beginning to lose hope!)

Don’t worry. No lease will be signed until all mold is removed (or mold removal written into the lease). We’ll see how it goes. There’s probably another person out there willing to move in without my truck load of conditions!



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