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21 days to rental termination

Another day, another disappointment. It’s funny how a house can look so stately from the outside. A grand ol’ house with its patio stairs, tasteful columns and perfectly sized porch…and a tiny, little cramped basement tucked away in a corner – like a hasty afterthought.

“Beautiful,” it was not. That was totally false advertising. “Tolerable” or “A place for now” or “Your very own Hobbit home away from the Shire” would all have been far more apt descriptions.

Or perhaps I’m being to hard on basements? Perhaps they are meant to have that low-ceilinged claustrophobic feel about them. Coffin-like. You in the bowels of the Earth; it’s walls enclosed around you like impervious prison bars.

At least this basement had no actual bars at its windows.

Still…back to kijiji I go. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and up my budget by a few more hundred dollars (as if paying over $1000 for box-sized accommodation wasn’t already bad enough)


I need a candy bar.

There goes my diet.



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