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22 days to rental termination

I had such high hopes for this apartment. My first basement. Well, first for this rental search – I’ve lived in basements before.

Given how expensive the rent was – comparable to some low and high rise Bachelors around the city – although much bigger, being a one bedroom – I was hopeful. The pictures seemed nice; the couple seemed nice. And so I arrive for my viewing, hoping that my search would stop there.

Alas, I was wrong.

While the neighbourhood was a check with its detached homes, the house I approached…not so much; not with the shingles pulling off the roof, or the heaps of materials piled at the front door; or the worn-out, scraped up look of the basement door.

I know what you’re thinking – so the roof needs repairs; there’re a few scuffs here and there…what’s the big deal?

Well, dear reader, for those discerning observers of humanity, my observations can best be described as a possible hint towards the personalities of the home owners – a certain lack of fastidiousness? A nonchalance? Perhaps…a delayed approach to tenant repairs?

Then we stepped down into the basement itself. Comfortable, non-steep steps inside the home: warm, tiled flooring. Spacious. Is that a dishwasher? Nice!

But there was the odour or more accurately, the mal-odour; that left-over cocktail of the stale scents of food after food after food cooked over the years. Mildly nauseating to those sensitive to such things…but still no deal-breaker. Unfortunately, the bars over the windows were. At least two exist – so says the fire code. And the lack of on-site laundry.

So my search continues. Hopefully something turns up before month’s end.



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