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Gym Meet App – get matched with a Workout Buddy

Exercising is easy to put off. But, what if there was an app for that? One that actually encourages you to go to the gym! Most people are already familiar with meetup.com, a widely popular event scheduling site. What if an app comes pre-programmed with one event in mind – the Gym. The user simply … Continue reading

Eloko – a goblin haunts the forest – an African fantasy story – Conclusion

“Rishi—” “Keicha—” They both started at the same time. And then she stopped short as her eyes widened, focusing on something behind him. Rishi swivelled, expecting to spy the creature, all the while thinking, impossible! It wouldn’t, couldn’t, cross the border! They were safe! Then, he saw the dim glow coming from between the crop … Continue reading